Portability is the single most important attribute of displays when you are on the hook for transporting and setting them up single-handedly. Sure, you could hire a crew for the day to handle the transportation, setup, and eventual breakdown, but who has money for that if you are just starting out? Moreover, even if you do have a larger budget, consider that portable trade show displays let you control the what, when, where, and how of your presentation. What are your options?

Banner Stands Facilitate Instant Brand Presentations

Fabric Frame Trade Show Banner Stands Vermont

What do you want attendees at the trade show to take away from your setup? The answer has to be the brand message. After all, what good is it for the prospective buyer to like a product if the branding does not connect on a visceral level? Because you can use banners to pose questions, introduce brand messages, underscore your corporate philosophy, and even challenge the consumer to think outside the box, these products are fantastic add-ons to any presentation. Our experts customize the banner portion, which may be single or double-sided and fashioned from vinyl, fabric, or polyester.

Customized Table Throws Tie a Presentation Together


Printed Trade Show Table Throws Vermont

Continue your presentation of customized displays with table throws. Although the venue will probably offer you some tablecloths, remember that they frequently feature the facility’s name and logo. Unless you want to advertise their business, market your own with an imprinted cloth. Sizes vary, depending on the length of the table that you anticipate using. Throws accentuate the brand message you convey with your banners. Having the two match in this respect helps tie together the overall display of your presentation.

Folding Panel Displays Adjust to the Size of Your Allotted Space

Folding Portable Trade Show Displays Vermont

Our clients like folding panels because they function as tabletops displays in a smaller setting or stand-up partitions for larger presentation spaces. Some offer LED panels that illuminate a header portion, which could spell out your company’s name. Because the panels feature a fabric covering, consider customization here as well. We recommend the use of your corporate color palette for the overall setup of the product. From there, attach posters and other displays that we can fit with Velcro for easy mounting.

Collapsible Setups Make Superb Backdrops

Collapsible Trade Show Displays

The fact that you can assemble these backdrops by yourself is a huge plus. The lightweight material connects to create sturdy frames you can then cover with tension fabric, which we imprint with your messages and information. Because the frame designers take their cues from contemporary full-size displays such as island exhibits and similar large setups, you know that you get a style that is currently “in.”

How to Order Portable Trade Show Displays

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your plans for the trade show presentation. We work with you to discover the elements that will make up a dazzling exhibit. Bring us the graphics you already have on file so that we can incorporate your logo and corporate name presentation. When you prefer that we create something entirely new from the ground up, we can do that, too.

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