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 No matter where you are or where you’re going, get your company message out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by utilizing company cars, vans, and trucks. Even when just parked at a jobsite or in front of your store, vehicle graphics will build your brand and bring awareness to your company. From highways to local back roads, you will be driving a moving billboard that attracts customers to your business.

Vehicle graphics are the most affordable form of advertising. According to a recent Arbitron study, compared to all other forms of advertising, vehicle graphics achieve the most impressions for your dollar.  Just ask any business owner who has vehicle graphics or lettering if they feel it was worth the investment.  They will most likely tell you that it was, without a doubt!

Depending on your budget, there are several options to consider for your vehicle graphics.  Simple lettering of your company name and phone number is the least expensive of the options.  If you have a logo, adding this with spot graphics can give people a symbol to recognize you by.  With displaying your logo, you have taken the first step in branding your company/service/product.  A lot of businesses will use vehicle lettering and graphics to create their “moving billboard”.  Including more information such as 24/7 service, insured and licensed, or a company motto can all be done with lettering without getting into an actual wrap.

Other options would be a partial or full vehicle wrap.  A “wrap” basically means that a large piece of vinyl is used to wrap around several parts of the vehicle.  Wraps can be used to create a visual that is undeniably unforgettable.  When it comes to business, this is a very good thing.  If you are one of twenty other electricians in the same area, having vehicles on the road that stand out from the rest is good.  If the impression people get when they see your vehicle is professional, reliable, and responsive, this is good.  If you have a product like Budweiser or Coke (or you want your product to be like Budweiser or Coke!), do what they do!

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