Tips For Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage for your Vermont business is critical and is the most cost-effective way to build your brand equity and awareness. It creates the all-important first impression and plays a huge role in getting your potential customers in the door. In addition to announcing who you are, exterior signs should draw in customers and make them want something from you. Pinnacle_Engineering

Types of Outdoor Signs

  • Sidewalk Signs
  • Entrance Signs
  • Awnings
  • Window Signs
  • Hanging Signs
  • Flat Panel Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Pylon Signs

Outdoor signs should be placed prominently so that it is visible to as much walk-by and drive-by traffic as is possible. Keep outdoor signs simple and easy to read. Remember that people will likely be driving past your sign day and night, and should be able to read your sign without difficulty. Too much information will jumble your message and defeat the purpose of the sign by making it hard to read or understand in that crucial few seconds when your customer passes by. Keep the text of your sign down to 7 to 10 words. Passers-by won’t be able to read more than that, or will lose interest.

CMCCSigns should be branded and designed in a manner that conveys the experience your customers can expect when entering your business. Signs can trigger potential customers’ curiosity, drawing them in to your business.

Outdoor signs are more than a label for your building. Over 50% of retail sales are the result of impulse buys. Effective outdoor signage draws in customers to shop and purchase. Poorly designed signs can cost more in lost sales than the cost of a quality sign.

Remember, an outdoor sign is not only a first impression, but an ongoing one for your potential customers. People will judge the inside of your business based on your outside appearance.