Every year, trade show exhibit manufacturers are coming up with new products that are designed to garner attention and to last for many years of repeated use. Update your booth with one of the more popular trade show retractable banners. They are the best suited method for getting your message out to as many conference attendees as possible in an affordable way.


Why Use Retractable Banners?

Retractable banners get their name from their easy portability. With just a tug, the banner easily retracts into its cassette base, so you do not have to roll it up and try to keep it organized as you clean up after a trade show. This also protects the graphic display in storage and in transport.banners23 Best of all, this option is inexpensive. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the benefits:

  • Portability – Without damaging the screen, banners can be easily retracted into the small aluminum base made from top quality materials.
  • Protection – The aluminum base to which the banner is attached is usually cushioned with padded nylon. This keeps the banner protected from environmental factors.
  • Affordability – There are a wide array of banner stand options, including economy alternatives. Any budget can afford trade show retractable banners.
  • Versatility – Trade shows are not the only place these displays can be used. They also work well for presentations, retail shops, restaurants, sporting events, educational institutions, fundraisers, the lobby of your business, and other public places.
  • Reliability – Since we only go to the best manufacturers for our materials, you can rest assured that your banner stand will remain reliable for years to come.
  • Customizability – The banners are designed with customization in mind. With our wide format digital printers, we can create sharp and precise graphics in any colors you want.

Use Trade Show Retractable Banners to Define Your Space

How you will be using your retractable banner will determine which options are best for you. If you plan on using your banner for a wide range of trade shows, then you will want to splurge on premium banner stands. This is also true if you plan on attending outdoor events. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as watching your indoor retractable banner stand fly away at an outdoor show.

bannersepic1If you only have a couple events coming up this year, then a budget stand will save you money and fit your purposes.

Size should also be one of your main considerations. Banners are usually up to seven feet in height and have widths of 9 inches to 60 inches. When choosing a size, you need to consider the size of your booth. The standard booth size is ten feet square. To get the perfect balance of not appearing too intimidating while still attracting attention, a 33 inch wide banner would be ideal. Remember: the goal of your banner stand is to pull prospective clients in and not get in their way.


We can help you choose the perfect custom retractable banner stand for your event. Contact Premier Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation and quote.