Lobby Signs for Business

Have you ever gotten lost upon entering a large office building with no directional signage? You had the address for the correct building, but from there, you had no idea where to go. Maybe you forgot the suite number or didn’t know what floor the business was on. You would have been able to avoid all of this frustration if the building had adequate directory, suite and lobby signs. Vermont property managers and business owners should consider these types of signage for several reasons:

  • Comfort – If you do not operate a concierge or receptionist desk, you should have proper signage that makes it easy for visitors to get to the right place.
  • Safety – It should be clear to visitors what areas are unsafe or off limits to them. These include hard hat areas, maintenance and personnel only corridors and rooms, and storage areas. The resulting liability could be expensive if the lack of proper signage leads to an accident.
  • Wayfinding – When visitors first come to your building, they want to know where to go. They don’t want to eventually figure it out after wandering the halls.


lobby signs for business

To put together the right types of signage for you business, the experts at Vermont’s Premier Signs & Graphics will work with you to design a sign system that compliments your building interior.


Types of Must Have Interior Signs

There are plenty of interior signs that your building can benefit from. However, if you want to ensure visitors to your facility can find their way around and remain relaxed, you must have these:

  • Directory Signs – Near stairwells and elevators are the best places to mount office directory signs. Vermont property managers should post multiple markers if there are several stairwells and elevator banks. You can list the names of tenants by suite number or in alphabetical order.
  • Suite Signs – These signs should list the number of the unit and the name of the business. These may be combined into one sign or kept separate. Premier Signs & Graphics will help you determine which signs need to contain a Braille component for ADA compliance.
  • Lobby Signs – As visitors enter your business space, your company name and logo on the wall is a welcoming sight. This gives your business a professional image that will make for a good first impression.


lobby signs for business


It’s very easy to get started on your sign project by requesting an estimate. Upload your custom artwork, or we can create a new design for you. If necessary, we will perform a site survey and offer recommendations on signs that need to be included with your order. We can also ensure that you are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


If you are ready to make your building a more pleasant place to visit, contact Premier Signs & Graphics today for a free estimate.