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Custom Wall Graphics VermontThe next time you go to your favorite restaurant, take a moment to look at the walls. You will probably notice that there are images on the walls that go with the cuisine served. For instance, many Italian restaurants choose wall décor that depicts Venetian canals, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or various ruins of Rome. These displays are known as wall murals, digitally printed wallpaper, or wall graphics. And, Premier Signs & Graphics specializes in wall murals for Vermont.


Create Your Environment With Vinyl Wall Graphics & Lettering

Digitally printed wallpaper and wall graphics are not just for setting the tone of restaurants. They are great for setting you apart from your competitors. We often get requests for wall murals for:

  • Conference Rooms – Whether you have a legal, architectural,Interior Lobby Signs Vermont - Custom Lobby Brands financial services, accounting, or general contracting firm, there are conference room wall designs that fit your type of business.
  • Dental and Medical Offices – To welcome clients, use wall graphics with cartoon characters in a children’s clinic or an informative wall mural for adults.
  • Companies – Global offices and sales territories can easily be depicted with custom designs. Wall graphics and wall murals add classy flair to interior offices and walls in professional buildings.
  • Nonprofits – Get your message across to the community with your mission statement on your wall in vibrant colors alongside your logo and images of what you do.
  • Franchises – You can either brand your individual franchise with images of Vermont or embed the franchiser text, graphics, and images that consumers already recognize.
  • Auto Dealerships – Wall murals are great for highlighting the cars you sell, adding ambiance to waiting areas, and for parts display rooms.
  • Retail Stores – An area can be freed up for display space with digitally printed wallpaper and wall murals. Incorporate your most popular items in the wall art, and get rid of space-hogging displays. Using a combination of text and imagery, you can direct consumers to various departments.
  • And much more!

Vinyl Is More Cost Effective than Paint

Why not choose wall murals instead of repainting your walls? Paint is easily scuffed and fades. You will not have to deal with these issues with our custom digital wallpaper, which comes covered with protective materials that keep your images crisp and clear. Plus, you can easily clean the wall with a gentle soap solution or water. Our wall graphics cover any nicks or dents you may have in your walls. This is much less expensive than having these defects patched before painting.

Premier Signs & Graphics is able to take your slogans, logos, dedicated promotional images, and mottos and create stunning, attention grabbing wall murals. We begin with durable adhesive vinyl from world renowned manufacturers and render high resolution imagery using our state-of-the-art, wide-format digital printer. And, to ensure as little disruption to your enterprise as possible, we install your new graphics at a time that is convenient for you.


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