Trade Show Banners

Trade Show Banners | VermontThe banner is a highly effective trade show display. It creates visual counterpoints to your booth, reels in foot traffic, and can stir up a buzz in the exhibition hall. Because there are now different types of trade show banners available, we usually suggest meeting our graphic artists to talk through your options.

Banner Materials

  • Vinyl. The standard material choice is a 13-oz product with superior density. We recommend the selection of a matte finish to ensure that overhead light source glare does not make your information difficult to take in.
  • Fabric. Polyester brings texture and softness to the display. Surfaces may be matte or glossy, depending on the selection of the original material. Playing around with the thickness of this banner type makes a difference for the overall impression your sign makes.
  • Melinex. Unlike the tightly woven polyester fabric that makes up the softer banner material, Melinex is a polyester film with an 11-mil thickness. Choose it for displaying highly detailed information and graphics.

Banner Stands

The actual stands vary widely by design and setup functions.

  • Trade Show Retractable Banners | VermontGraphic presentation. Some products allow for double-sided displays whereas others only accommodate single-sided features.
  • Banner widths and heights. Occasionally, our clients choose their stands based on the physical widths and heights that they accommodate. Typical widths run from 8 inches all to the way to more than 41 inches. Heights may range from about 11 inches to above 85 inches. Because some stands allow for height and width adjustments, customizing banners is a snap.
  • Shapes. When working with pillowcase fabrics, the banner stands come in straight and curved shapes. Some of the curvatures can imitate snakes, which add another dimension of visual interest to your trade show presentation.


Clients like to present their information with full-color digital prints. But some are now beginning to look for grayscale prints with one or perhaps two accent colors mixed in. This practice makes your designs stand out, which is a must on the crowded trade show floor. Feature images as the main tenor of your message or opt for lettering with the images playing second fiddle as a background.

Ordering Trade Show Banners

Cafe and Telescopic Trade Show BannersPremier Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign shop that works with members of the business communities in Vermont. Of course, we also provide design and manufacturing services to clients around the United States and even the world. Contact our experts today to learn more about your sign options!