Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs

Giving your clients directions to your business is just part of the process of helping them find you. Once they have arrived, they will need to know how to get to the right building if you’re part of a campus or business complex.  Then they will need to know what floor to find your office on.  Once they get to the correct floor, they may need to know which direction to go in to find your office.  Exterior wayfinding signs will help your visitors navigate to the right building and parking area, while interior wayfinding signs are designed to help them find the right floor and room.

Interior Directional Signs - Wayfinding Signs Vermont

Directional Signs

For your patients, clients and members, one of the most important types of signs is the directory. We often get requests for the following types of directories:

  • Exterior campus signs
  • Exterior building directories
  • Elevator directories
  • Main lobby directories
  • Temporary construction directional signs

Customize Your Wayfinding Signs

A great way to brighten up the interior and exterior of your building is to update your signs.

Some options we can deliver for you include:

  • Adding your company logo on wayfinding signs for brand building purposes
  • Using fonts that are commonly used by your business or organization
  • Using custom colors in your signs that match your marketing materials