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Guide Your Customers With Floor Graphics

Guide your customer to a sale with floor graphics by Premier Signs & Graphics.Custom Floor Graphics For Vermont, New Hampshire and New York The marketing and sales possibilities with these graphics are virtually limitless with many companies and organizations using floor decals to highlight certain products or services they offer or to advertise their enterprise in general.

Custom floor graphics are an affordable approach to market your items in grocery stores, shopping malls, showrooms, car dealerships, and more. Quick to install, with minimal or no disruption to your business, our crew will install your new floor decals so they garner the most attention.


Floor Graphics Features

Vinyl floor graphics are designed to be heavy duty. They are made from a durable vinyl manufactured by world-renowned 3M. Plus, this vinyl comes in a broad range of standard colors. In addition, we are able to precisely match the colors of your floor decal to the company colors found on your other marketing materials.

When you choose to have graphics painted on, there are typically offensive fumes that will dominate your facility for days. This is not a problem with vinyl graphics.  Plus, all of our vinyl floor decals are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, are both slip and scratch resistant, and we can print any text or images on them.

Best Places for Floor Graphics

Advertising your brand or business is both affordable and highly effective with floor graphics. Plus, with the use of smartphones so prevalent these days, the new line of sight is the floor as people look at their screens. This means floor graphics are great wherever potential customers go. Some examples of uses include:

  • Directing consumers in your showroom
  • Outside of a specific store or general walkway in a shopping mall
  • Showcasing your brand in the reception area of your business
  • Featuring a promotional item in the grocery aisles
  • Directing people to your booth or exhibit at a trade show

Floor Decals Last

The amount of traffic your floor graphics receive will determine how long they last. They can last for years in low traffic areas or months in very busy areas. In order to add a protective coating, floor wax can be applied to the top of the graphic, thus prolonging its lifespan. We recommend floor cling when you come to us for short term floor graphics. If your promotion is over and you want to remove your floor cling, you can do so with a small amount of water.