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What’s On The Menu Board?

 The success of businesses, including restaurants, delis, diners or a caféCustom Designed Menu Baords For Vermont Business is directly related to an easy to read menu board. The team at Premier Signs & Graphics will bring your menu to life with bright graphics and content that will get the town talking! Improve your patrons’ experience and entice them to bring their friends with a unique menu board that highlights all the great food or services offered by your company.


Types of Menu Boards

We are skilled at recognizing what menu boards work best for your enterprise, vision, and budget. To assist us with this, we perform free site surveys. We offer all types of menu boards, but here are our most popular items:

Lightbox Cabinets – Lightbox cabinets are an excellent choice for those businesses that want to grab attention and do not mind spending a little bit extra. These markers can be installed outside or inside of your building, and they typically highlight two or three dishes or products that you offer. These signs are ideal for restaurants that have built up their reputation on a couple signature dishes.

Digitally Printed Menu BoardsMenu Boards By Premier signs and Graphics Your organization will benefit from these cost effective menu boards. You can print high resolution images onto several different substrates with digital printing. Every year, digital printing technology is improving. That is why we have the most state of the art wide format printer. When you need to make changes to your menu, you do not need to buy a whole new sign. Instead, we can just print you off new graphics and apply them to your already existing sign.

Chalkboard or Dry Erase Menus – For small restaurants that have a limited menu that changes often, chalkboard and dry erase menu boards are a smart idea. You can start each day with new items. These are also an excellent way to promote daily or happy hour specials with A-frame sidewalk signs. Street vendors and food trucks can also benefit from these.