Hospital Signs - Healthcare Signage

Hospital Signs - Healthcare Signs for Interior Wayfinding

We all know that hospital visits can be stressful for a lot people. But when it’s difficult to find your way around the campus or inside the building because of unclear hospital signs, the stress level doubles. If this is the case at your healthcare facility, consider updating your interior directory signs and room signs. Maybe you need to improve on the exterior wayfinding signage. Equally important in your hospital signage system are the patient room signs, waiting room signs, and fire code signs. These are all easy ways to improve the overall patient and visitor experience. Whether it’s a remodel or new construction, Premier Signs & Graphics will help design a healthcare signage system to easily guide people through your facility. With clear wayfinding signs, visitors and patients can focus on quickly seeking care or locating loved ones.

Healthcare Exterior Signs

Outdoor Healthcare Signage

Types of Healthcare Exterior Signage

  • Main Entrance Sign
  • Emergency Department Directional Sign
  • Campus Directories
  • Building Signage
  • Recognition Banners for Building
  • Door Signage
  • Visitor Parking Signage
  • Employee/Staff Parking Signage
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • Temporary Construction Wayfinding Signs
  • If you don’t see what you need here, no worries! There are many other hospital signs we make that didn’t make it to this list.

Healthcare Interior Signs

Hospital Signs - Room ID Signs

Types of Interior Hospital Signs

  • Lobby Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs for Ceiling and Walls
  • Elevator Signs
  • Floor Directory Signs
  • Building Directory Signs
  • Recognition Banners
  • Patient Room Signs
  • Digital Sign Systems
  • ADA/Braille Compliant Signs
  • Fire Code Signs
  • Staff Signs
  • Food Service Signage
  • Don’t forget, we make custom hospital signs. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it for you!

Healthcare Dedication Signs

Hospital Signs - Dedication Sign