Get Customers Attention!

While you may have never really stopped to think about it, you pay attention to most of the exterior signs you see, but in varying degrees. There is a subtle language that is conveyed through all the signage around you, through the text, shapes, colors and placement. They speak to us in ways that we don’t hear, but we still subconsciously react to and process them. Some signs make us take more notice than others. Below are some examples of signs that get your attention more than others and why, which should provide you with some guidance when planning your custom exterior signs in the future.



Certain colors draw our attention more than others and create more intense emotional reactions, according to numerous scientific studies. Red and yellow are perhaps the most notable, as those colors are very emotional and noticeable. So exterior business signs or advertisements in red or yellow will probably yield more immediate glances than any other color. Blue and green tones tend to be more soothing, as they are synonymous with nature and sky. Keep in mind what the color of your custom exterior signage will do to people, at least subconsciously.

Shapes and Fonts

A unique shape or a font that stands out can also draw people’s attention. For example, a round sign on a gas station (think Phillips 76) that is three dimensional and stands out from the side of a building will draw someone’s attention more than one that is two dimensional and flat. Various fonts will also make a sign more appealing, especially if it’s a font that is rarely used but adds to the style of a particular store.


Putting a symbol on an exterior sign is much like putting a symbol on an advertisement: the symbol becomes a representation of your brand. The only problem with symbols is that people may not have any idea what they mean, which means that the symbol you use needs to be unique enough and prevalent enough that people will see it, remember it and try to figure it out. This comes down to the signage style and the frequency with which the symbol is presented. Think about using a large unique symbol that people won’t ever forget (example: McDonald’s Golden arches).

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