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Post And Panel Signs

High impact, streamlined, and sure to get your message or name across, even to motorists.  Premier Signs & Graphics is your number one source for post and panel signs in Vermont.

What Are Post and Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs are an affordable option to mark your business location.  They are a very common style of company branding throughout New England. At Premier Signs & Graphics, we provide premium materials to ensure your signage longevity in our unique and sometimes harsh environment.  Vermont Post and Panel Signs - Dexter Products

From luxury vacation resorts and local parks to large commercial office parks, these post and panels signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Being a custom sign, there are unique qualities to each. Wrought iron and wood have a timeless elegance. MDO and Sign Foam are known for their durability in all weather. Desired visual effect and basic functionality should be your guide as you pick materials.

Size Matters

What you hope to achieve with your post and panel system will determine how large your marker should be. For example, drivers need to be able to view signs that mark access to a building parking lot. So, a larger panel is appropriate. Bigger is also better for restaurants, small businesses, and retail stores that want to draw the attention of car traffic. Smaller post and panel signs work well as secondary signage for directional and wayfinding purposes throughout a property.


There are a number of ways we can enhance your exterior sign. Using supplemental accessories, such as T-straps, iron scrolls, post finials, decorative sign headers, and base caps, adds even more visual impact. These accessories can help to improve the overall appearance of your sign, which will in turn help people remember your business.

We Take Care of Everything

From design and permitting to installation and maintenance, Premier Signs & Graphics takes care of it all as a full service commercial sign company. After an initial consultation during which we listen to your goals and vision, we get down to work creating a design. Once you approve the proofs, we fabricate your sign using only the best materials that are meant to last for decades. Then, we install the new post and panel system.

Even if you have an existing post and panel sign that has fallen into disrepair, we can update it to give your business a professional appearance. We have done this for a number of Vermont companies with fantastic results.[/content_block][content_block][/content_block]