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Monument Signs

Showcase your New England business, building or complex with exterior monument signs by Premier Signs & Graphics.

Varieties of Monument Signs

Monument signs are large, freestanding signs and one of the most recognizable exterior signs available. Often used as a landmark,Outdoor Monument Signs For Vermont Businesses Vermont businesses take advantage of their large visibility.  From hospitals to office buildings, strip malls to auto dealerships, restaurants and more, these signs are a focal point for your business.

Monument signs are important, and there are many things to consider.  Making sure that the overall size is correct, so that traffic passing by can view and remember your logo and brand, is all part of our design process.  Local zoning regulations need to be taken into account as well.  If illumination is part of the design, should that be internally or externally?

Consider the materials that will be used to construct your monument sign.  Does everything tie into the design and aesthetics of your building and the community?

Premier Signs & Graphics will walk you through all of the steps necessary for your sign project.  Working together with everyone involved is one of our strengths.  Making sure that you have the product you want is our mission.[/content_block]

You Can Expect Premier Service and Quality

Premier Signs & Graphics handles each step of the sign making process when you contact us. From the initial consultation and site survey to design and installation, we work closely with you to make certain you get the exact look you want at a price that fits your budget.