Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Showcase your New England business, building or complex with an exterior monument sign by Premier Signs & Graphics, featuring limitless designs, colors, materials or alternatives.

 Varieties of Monument Signs

Monument signs are large, freestanding and one of the most recognizable exterior signs available. Often used as a landmark,Outdoor Monument Signs For Vermont Businesses Vermont businesses take advantage of their large visibility.  From strip malls and office buildings to auto dealerships and restaurants and more, these signs come in an array of types to fit any surroundings:

  • Routed Panels – This is one of the most versatile options. There are acrylic/foam, acrylic/PVC, illuminated, recessed, and metal panel alternatives.
  • Sandblasted – Sandblasted signs are the best option for buildings looking for a warm and traditional appearance, including real estate offices, retail storefronts, and medical offices. Usually, they are made from natural redwood or high density urethane foam.
  • Metal, Concrete, and Foam – One of the most affordable monument signs is an aluminum sign with acrylic or raised foam logos and letters and a concrete base. We can even use landscape lighting to illuminate this signage at night.

Illumination Options

We can incorporate lighting into your monument signVermont Monument Signs - Outdoor Religious Signs New Hampshire or use landscape lighting for an elegant look. There are two main types of illumination alternatives you can choose from: LED and neon tubing. Our classic neon tubing emits a bright and colorful light. However, neon lights do not shine as brightly in cold weather.

LEDs are taking the signage industry by storm. They are extraordinarily energy efficient, so you can count on having lower electric bills. Plus, they last for up to a decade of continuous use. This allows businesses to save on maintenance. And, they have been developed to the point where the light they emit is virtually indistinguishable from neon tubing, yet they are unaffected by cold temperatures.

You Can Expect Premier Service and Quality

Premier Signs & Graphics handles each step of the branding process when you contact us. From the initial consultation and site survey to design and installation, we work closely with you to make certain you get the exact look you want at a price that fits your budget.