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Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are the most popular signage option for downtown storefronts, retail shopping centers, strip malls, and commercial office and industrial buildings in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York.
From permitting and design to installation and maintenance, Premier Signs & Graphics is your choice for every business branding process.

Popular requests include:


Non-Illuminated Signage

Non-Illuminated Signs Vermont - Premier Signs & GraphicsCommonly used by municipalities and landlords where illuminated channel letters are not permitted. Available in a variety of materials, thicknesses, and colors, these letters will enhance any organization’s brand. These signs can be mounted with a standoff to create more depth and a soft shadow, or flush with the mounting surface.

Reverse Halo Lit Signs

Reverse halo lit channel letters standout clearly throughout the day and due to maurices-signthe back lighting of the letters, convert to an elegant display at night.  Also called “halo lit letters”, the back of these sign types are left open, allowing the lights to illuminate a back wall several inches away, creating a halo effect.

Standard Front Lit Signs

With standard front lit channel letter signs, the lights are housed in aluminum frames and shine through acrylic faces of any color. Aluminum is prized for its rust free qualities and durability.

Open Face Lit

These signs are not really open faced, despite their name. However, due to the clear acrylic face, passersby can see the lighting source at night, which creates the illusion of an open face.[/content_block][content_block][/content_block]