Custom Hygiene Stations

Branded Hygiene Stations For Buiness & OrganizationsStop the Spread of Germs

Different viruses seem to travel around throughout the year. Unfortunately, those people who are affected do not always stay home while they recover. Instead, they push ahead with their daily tasks and expose everyone they come into contact with to their virus. To help stop the spread of germs, Premier Signs & Graphics offers custom hygiene stations.

What Are Hygiene Stations?

Hygiene stations are commonly referred to as hand sanitizer stations or respiratory hygiene stations.   These freestanding units feature eye catching signage reminding patrons to your building of the importance of taking precautions against the spread of germs. They hold a variety of hygiene supplies, such as facial tissues, face masks, and hand sanitizer.

What Hygiene Stations Can Hold

A healthcare hygiene station is an important solution for dispensing hygiene supplies in your medical setting. Medical personnel and patients typically need to be able to access these supplies on a daily basis. These kiosks are used for dispensing:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face masks
  • Facial tissues

Custom Hygiene Stations By Premier Signs & Graphics

Health Branding For Your Business

Our hygiene station is the perfect option for educating the general public and reminding staff about the importance of hand and respiratory hygiene.  When hygiene items are easily accessible and in plain view, your staff and visitors will be more likely to use them. This will help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

New health scares are always arising. Whether it is the flu or fear over Ebola, our versatile hygiene kiosks can be easily customized with inserts or posters that address the current public health issues. Our expert graphic designers can create inserts that are to your specifications. And, remember just because you are warning guests to your building of health concerns does not mean you should not brand. Your hygiene station serves as another potential outlet for you to build your brand with your company name, logo, and colors.

We offer custom hygiene stations in a number of different materials. Maple is our most popular, but there are several different species and finishes available. To discuss your goals and vision, contact us for a free estimate.