Customization of your signage is the key to success at any trade show. But how can you grab the attention of attendees in a convention center hall that is filled with like-minded entrepreneurs and company representatives? It is not easy, but it is possible with custom-printed trade show banner stands.

Why Banner Stands?

Retractable Banner Stands Vermont

Unlike your booth, which is a stationary object that features design elements created to flow well and interact with one another, the banner stand is the type of display that can stand alone. Moreover, you can move it anywhere the trade show organizer will allow. In short, it can stand alone or combine with other displays to introduce a message that can be different in style and design from your booth.

Options for Custom-Printed Trade Show Banner StandsFabric Frame Trade Show Banner Stands Vermont


Because banner stands can fulfill various functions, they come in a number of different models, too.

  • Retractable banner stand. When we say “banner stand,” almost everyone immediately thinks of the retractable design. These products feature a cassette that also acts as the base of the stand. Inside the cassette, the customized banner folds neatly and remains protected when not in use. Choose from single or double-sided displays, vinyl or polyester banner materials.
  • Fabric frame stands. Pillowcase fabric is quickly becoming another favorite on the trade show circuit. A stretchy material, it effortlessly drapes over frames created for presenting a wrinkle-free image and communication. Sizes vary. Clients have had excellent success with mixing and matching different sizes for a variety of messages. Select illuminated fabric frame banners that incorporate LED lighting for eye-catching presentations.
  • Telescopic banner stands. Choose imprinted vinyl, polyester, or fabric for these products. What makes this signage solution so versatile is the fact that you can adjust the height of the hardware on the fly. It makes sense to keep banners in various heights on hand; when you notice that everyone on the trade show floor is sticking with one size, simply go taller! The fact that you can quickly combine different telescopic stands to heighten your display’s size makes this a genuinely useful product to have along.

Anatomy of a Great Banner Message

Trade show telescopic banner stands Vermont

The experts at Premier Signs & Graphics know that a good display presents a company’s name and logo while playing around with colors and graphics to make a splash. That said, a great banner features as much eye candy as it does a message that hooks the attendee. For example, the use of an unexpected open-ended question that only tangentially relates to your product or company can be a great message to display in a setting where everyone expects “buy-me” displays.

Spring Back and X-Banner Stands Vermont

Before committing to a presentation, we suggest discussing your plans with our experts. We have found that trade show attendees like to see messages that make them think, are visually appealing, and allow for an “aha” moment when folks arrive at your booth. Putting together this type of feature calls for out-of-the-box thinking. Who is better suited to this task than the experts who have a firm finger on the pulse of changing tastes and overall design styles?

Contact us today to discuss custom-printed trade show banner stands as well as all the exhibition displays you need to make a splash at the next event!

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