Cost Per Impression (or CPI) is a way to measure the cost-effectiveness of your company’s advertising method.

  • “Impression” refers to the number of times people will see or hear your advertisement.
  • CPI is the cost or expense for marketing to potential customers who will see your advertisement.

  • CPI is often referred to as Cost Per Thousand Impressions, or CPM, in order to make the numbers easier to manage. CPI or CPM describes the amount paid for every thousand qualifying impressions served at cost. It is still the most widely used statistic when it comes to display advertising.

Advertising ROI

The main goal of advertising is to get the maximum amount of impressions possible for the advertising dollars spent.  Brand recognition increased every time someone views your advertisement.

Effective methods of getting the most impressions for advertising dollars spent:

  • Vehicle graphics or a vehicle wrap.

  • Utilizing both a vehicle wrap and a custom exterior sign.

  • Updating an already-existing company sign.


Vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective methods of promoting a business. Combining a vehicle wrap with a custom exterior sign is also practical, and costs less than a newspaper ad. Refreshing an aging company sign can help an established business appear more current and gain renewed interest in the services it provides.mercy-van

These methods of advertising will make a potential customer aware of the company and promote brand recognition. Even if the viewer doesn’t take action as soon as they see it, a sign is always on the job.

A good first impression can lead to further “impressions” as consumers view a company’s sign multiple times. A well-crafted sign will work for a company even after it has closed for the day and is the most cost-effective way to build a customer base that will help a business succeed.