Carved Signs For A Solid Business Image

Developing a solid business image and brand is essential for attracting customers. First impressions are important. These days buyers are looking to work with companies that they feel can be trusted. Nothing says that a business has deep roots and a stable reputation in the community like a quality business sign by Premier Signs & Graphics.

There are not many ways that you can instantly increase the status of your company, but having highly visible signage made for your business is one way. Gamache-&-Kell-1-sliderThere are many reasons why wooden 3D signs are such a great investment in your company’s future:


  • Wood carved signs are unique and traditional. People stop and take notice. Some people even take photos. Your new sign may be even be featured in a small town local paper.
  • Vermont wood signs last. With some basic care your wood sign won’t need to be replaced for many years to come. In fact, carved signs look better with time and gain character over the years.
  • Vermont carved signs make ecological sense. Unlike signs that use plastic or other man-made materials, carved wood signs are all natural and if the time comes when you may want to retire your sign, it is 100% recyclable (used wooden signs can look great on your home’s walls, too).

With all of the reasons to get a wooden architectural sign for company, the only question is why wait? Contact Vermont’s own Premier Signs & Graphics to special order your new sign.